North Seattle – A Beautiful Paradise?

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It’s tough to think of the North Seattle area as it was in the past– a bog, occupied by Indigenous Americans and also farmed for cranberries as well as other wild foods. Settlements sneaked in as they typically do, now we have Interstate 5, North Seattle College and the Northgate shopping mall instead of the original habitat. The shopping center is its own sort of bog, however. As well as this was the nation’s very first shopping mall to be called a “shopping center,” so we need to all take a minute to thank this community for revolutionizing our cumulative retail experiences. More lately, brand-new real estate and industrial complexes have been constructed, while at the same time job has actually been done to maintain as well as safeguard Thornton Creek, which runs through the area.

The area around 85th Road as well as Greenwood Avenue is booming with coffeehouses, antique shops, bars, and also dining establishments, along with a community playhouse. The area hosts many occasions that attract families and also city slickers alike. This neighborhood has the tendency to quiet down at night; that makes this the ideal area to live if you want to be on the move throughout the day as well as a homebody when the sun fades into the western sunset.

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Seattle: The Least Air Conditioned City in America?

If you live in Seattle, you probably know just how miserable it can feel during a heatwave.

According to studies carried out during 2015, Seattle is one of the least air-conditioned large cities in the country, with only about 33 percent of local residents using some kind of air conditioner to keep cool. That compares to the national average of about 90 percent, and it makes the city one of the hottest large US cities. To compare, about 36 percent of homes in San Francisco have air conditioning – another US city not normally known for its hot summers.

Portland isn’t that far away from Seattle, but even in the Rose City, about 70 percent of residents use an air conditioner, according to FurnaceUSA, to keep themselves cool during the summer. However, Portland can be

about 10 degrees hotter than Seattle during the summer, and Seattle residents can at least benefit from a sort of natural air conditioning, in the form of cool breezes coming in from nearby Puget Sound. But of course, you can’t rely on those cooling breezes every day.

If you live in one of the city’s almost a million homes without some form of an air conditioner, you probably complain when it’s unbearably hot. But after a while, complaining isn’t enough, and you have to come up with a solution. Almost 100 local residents replied to a call from the Seattle Times, asking locals just how they keep cool during those hot summer days.

Solutions were quite creative and ranged from lying on a hardwood floor with a wet towel draped over the body, to swimming and wearing the damp swimsuit until it’s time for bed, and putting clothes on that have been frozen ahead of time.

Another person who responded advised that she was able to cool down her home by about 10 degrees by hosing down the outside and the roof of her home after the sun has set. That reader grew up in St. Louis where it got much hotter and learned that useful trick during the hot summers as a child. That same reader also pointed out that houses in the Northwest, with their sliding windows, made it difficult to install air conditioners in the home.

A reader who routinely put up with hot Tucson summers shared the following tip: Spray water over your bed sheets on a particularly hot night, and then allow a fan to blow all over the sheets.

Other readers described how they would carefully open and close specific blinds and windows at designated times during the day in an effort to keep their home cool. Another respondent, who admitted to being cold because he’s old anyway, simply stays awake at night when it’s cooler and takes naps during the heat of the day.

More than one person who responded suggested that the only way to deal with the hot weather is simply to ignore it and learn to put up with it – a question of mind over matter. One local resident went so far as to try to keep cool by watching old clips of the Winter Olympic games.

Statistics from the American Housing Survey indicate that just over 53 percent of Seattle residents who do have air conditioning have room units, rather than a central A/C unit to keep cool.

The numbers of homes with an air conditioner of some sort are higher among residents who have a higher household income, and homeowners are about twice as likely to have air than those who rent. Air conditioning is more common among white people than people of color, although air conditioning isn’t present in most of the homes of those who do have a six-figure income. And only about 20 percent of those under the age of 30 have an air conditioner in their home.

Heat-related medical emergencies are a very real risk for seniors, although despite that only about 37 percent of Seattle residents aged 65 or over have air conditioning where they live. If Seattle is experiencing one of its unwelcome heatwaves, you should make a point on checking on any elderly friends, family members or neighbors, advises the public health department of Seattle and King County.

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When In Seattle, Do As The Seattleites

Curiously, a resident of Seattle is called a Seattleite which sounds a bit like the word satellite. There is no relation between the two words, however, although the former word does have a nice ring to it. In fact, doesn’t it make you think of an old saying that goes when in Rome, do as the Romans?

And this brings us to the point where you, a Seattle visitor have to ask what do the Seattleites do in their plush surroundings. The smoking gun is the hyper-abundance of coffee shops, Starbucks and all. Yeah, that one is a definite giveaway. But out here, there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

And because of this, you have to do some research in order to find the best deals out here, the most amazing sites, and the secret hangouts that you can tell your friends about back home. We’ve done some homework, but it’s not by any means definitive. Surely, you can do a much better job when you trek Seattle on your own feet.

And on sandals or barefoot at that, for unknown to many, there’s a beach in Seattle called Aiki and the even better news is, it’s not far from the Seattle downtown core at all. You can literally walk it from there. And don’t worry if you get hungry or need something to drink, there’s plenty of eateries to stop over along the way. Welcome to Seattle!

Next Stop: The Locks

This one, you probably heard of already. Yes, the salmon run. Lots of this fish do spawn in Seattle waters or otherwise come back to their birthplace instinctively. Just as the Seattleites themselves would say, there’s no place like home. If you’re really a raw Seattle visitor, you can take advantage of a Seattle guided tour which is held after lunch until 3:00 p.m. daily. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can take the tour even before lunchtime.

When In Seattle: Do as the Techies Do

Yes, there’s a lot of laptop-wielding IT personnel around here. But these nerds are smarter than most as in Seattle, these technocrats would rather go rock climbing, biking or hiking than sit in front of their computers. They know only too well that sitting too much or for far too long can be bad for your health–or so it seems. Have fun joining the lot. Seattle really has a lot of gorgeous trails.

Relaxing with Sound Therapy in Seattle

At Sand Point or Capitol Hill, the hills are alive with the sound of music. True, nature knows how to make the best music with the help of metal sculptures that eke out a tune or two. Seattle’s Black Sun is another art display with a twist. If you’re an art lover, you really can’t miss it.

Sleepless in Seattle: Yes, Really

The crowds out there have a unique way of keeping awake well into the night. In one word: burgers. Out here in Seattle, there’s nothing like having a burger when the bars close. And if you don’t want your tummy to grow any bigger, you’ll want to summon your inner insomnia.

If you’re more of a Jap food fan, you don’t want to miss Seattle’s take on the teriyaki dish. Seattle is already world-famous for this. Just be careful with the sauce, it’s really dark and hard to erase from your blouse or shirt. If you haven’t tasted the teriyaki out here, you’ve never been to Seattle.

Seattle’s Ferry Power: The Best in Washington State

There’s nothing like seeing a lot of water to soothe tired old nerves. So taking that customary Seattle ferry is to die for, especially when the temperature here rises. And the best food to take along with you for a ride is pizza, because it doesn’t spill and definitely convenient to eat if you know what you’re doing.

Just a Bit of Ramen Power

Oh yeah, there’s a lot of Japanese cuisine influence in Seattle. Maybe it’s the proximity to the waterway or maybe the salmon run. Anyhow, the best ramen bowls belong to Tsukushinbo because it’s rumored that the broth alone can take as much as 96 hours to make. Wild, huh?

A Museum Named SAM with a Split Personality

The Seattle Art Museum is nicknamed SAM for good. What’s so cool about it is that Sammy Boy here doubles as a museum by day and a busy nightclub by dusk. And SAM is so cool because he knows how to stay useful through all four seasons.

A Streetcar Named SLUT

Pardon our language, but that’s really what the South Lake Union Trolley abbreviates around here, and everybody knows it. So yes, the locals can and will forgive you if you say the word. The trolley goes around the colorful neighborhood and takes you to the Amazon headquarters. How cool is that?

A Seattle Dog from the Man on the Street

Your visit to Seattle will never be complete without taking a hearty bite of the Seattle Dog. And the best thing about it is that it’s not like any other hot dog that you’ve tasted. Go figure.

Game Arcades Like No Other

Forget 8-track tapes, Seattle has the best old video games that money can buy. After all, the gaming powers of the IT world all have a presence here. If you’re looking for that old arcade game that you can no longer find anywhere, try Seattle for a change. It might surprise you. You can also find an abundance of escape rooms to fancy your needs.

Of Course, What Is Seattle Without Starbucks?

As if you haven’t had enough yet, enhance your gold card reward points with finding out how Starbucks coffee is roasted. That’s a rare view if you’ve only been to the coffee magnate’s regular stores. Seattle has a special place for the caffeine sensation: the name is Pike Place Market.

Before you leave Seattle, you have to make sure that you get a box of authentic Seattle donuts. They make a nice giveaway to the friends and family that you managed to leave behind. A word of caution, though: You just might be tempted to finish the entire box. There’s still so much more to visit out here in Seattle, but it would be stylish to end with where to find the DTF dumplings and the Puget Sound oysters that are absolutely out of this world. Can’t find them? Just ask around; they can’t be far. For best results, use your sense of smell.